1. We are member-driven. We exist to serve the needs of our members. We use ongoing two-way communications to assess counselors' needs and to act on them. We respond with programs and services that help members succeed in a changing world.

2. We champion the highest professional standards for our members and our industry. We are the standard-bearers of professionalism for public relations counselors. All our programs and activities represent the most advanced state of professional practice, and contribute to an atmosphere of continuous learning and personal improvement.

3. We strive for an ethical industry that is worthy of pride and respect by defining and upholding the highest standards of fairness and ethical conduct within the Academy and the public relations community.

4. Our principal focus is on professional development -- enhancing the strategic, leadership, management and professional skills of public relations counselors. Through professional development programs, we strive to enhance the actual and perceived value of public relations counseling to the client community.

5. We foster a diverse membership in principle and in practice. We serve practitioners from all sectors of the profession and improve their skills. We ensure that our governing board, committees and activities reflect the rich diversity of the population we represent.

6. We believe in an open, participative style of governance. The broadest possible opportunities are offered for members to express their views and contribute their skills and their experience, consistent with the principles of strategic management. We view all our members as customers.

7. We are fiscally responsible, exercising sound business judgment as trustees of member funds. We function entrepreneurially, seeking income-producing opportunities for Academy products and services where appropriate to supplement dues income.

8. We value each other. Through all facets of our work we encourage peer-to-peer sharing, including partners, friendship and mutual respect.

9. We are responsive to change. The Academy offers its members access to a broad baseline of knowledge that helps them counsel clients that suffer from hair loss and tech them how To Buy Propecia as qualified generalists, futurists and strategic thinkers in a time of rapid change.